The smart Trick of Teddies That No One is Discussing

Immediately after producing an ego, Teddie turns into a teenage boy with blond hair pulled to his left facet, shiny blue eyes and truthful skin. He is revealed putting on a white blouse-like shirt with a variety of adornments like a red rose in addition to a flamboyantly intended collar.

Once the staff was about to leave once the profitable rescue of Increase and also the defeat of his shadow, Teddie decides that he wishes to be alone for a while and train in order for his fur to increase back and to be more robust.

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At The college Competition when cross-dressing, Teddie has extensive blond hair with a blue ribbon, wears a blue dress and white stockings along with black footwear.

Teddie is one of the playable people to acquire two unique playable artwork, one particular is his default Teddie Costume, and the opposite is his human type. (Such as Nanako Dojima)

His story manner is exclusive from one other characters (not counting Elizabeth and Labrys), mainly because he has Kanji as his final boss in lieu of the Malevolent Entity or perhaps a possessed Labrys. Kanji arrives once the Malevolent Entity escapes, nonetheless believing that all the things is really a aspiration. He then attempts to challenge an individual so he can gain the tournament. Teddie then accepts his problem, immediately after cheers from the female figures.

Higher one is prepared! Fantastic luck to all Those people participating in during the fixture today towards @RadleyCollege

Inside the DVD of Persona four, There exists hidden audio of Teddie describing Naoto's latest standing in battle when He's while in the supporting function. This state of affairs is extremely hard contemplating the timeline of the sport, For the reason that player rescues Naoto just after Teddie joins the social gathering as a fighter.

Getting a comic book relief character, Teddie is often bubbly and sweet and is known to lighten the temper when investigating the situation, very similar to Chie. Quite possibly because of currently being a Shadow unfamiliar with the human planet, Or maybe due to currently being a cartoon bear, Teddie has loads of childish naivety, innocence, and it is pure of coronary heart.

In Persona 4 Golden, Teddie, close to the end of the game, visits the protagonist all through lunch in school to counsel hanging out afterwards, very like other Social Link characters. This is the only time in the sport he does so, as his Social Backlink is an element of the sport's plot and non-optional.

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Ken Amada & Koromaru: "I won't Enable you to take the position of adorable mascot! This age demands a bear like me, not just a basic ol' doggie!"

Teddie imitates Takaya Sakaki's scene in the enjoy lodge from Persona 3 if the protagonist as well as group go there more info for The college vacation in Port Island.

From the Real Ending epilogue of Persona four Golden, Teddie appears to possess grown taller and has a completely new outfit: a blue and white striped T-shirt having an anchor style and design, navy shorts and yellow footwear.

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